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We deliver discrete and reliable DNA testing services to clients in Uganda for very affordable price. Our portfolio of services covers DNA paternity tests, tests for other types of relationships, tests for immigration purposes, forensic and tribe testing. Our testing services are fully CAP, AABB and ISO accredited and strictly performed in accordance with international standards. We are only provider of DNA paternity testing using the Dual Process™ in Uganda, which means that we will have your samples tested by two independent teams and data are reviewed by laboratory directors before release. While others charge astronomical prices for standard paternity test, we make the DNA paternity testing fast, accurate as well as affordable. 

A DNA test compares DNA profiles to determine the biological relationship between 2 or more people with accuracy  higher than 99.99%. DNA (deoxyribonucleic acid) is located in the nucleated cells of our body and carries set of genes identifying each individual. Everyone inherits half of the genetic makeup "genotype" from the mother and half from the father.


Although the DNA test can be used for various purposes, the most common reason to run a DNA test is to confirm or exclude someone as a biological father of a child (paternity test) for personal knowledge, legal or immigration purposes (immigartion DNA test).

You can visit our facility where the samples are collected by our trained staff or if you can't come or you live far away from Kampala, you have an option of ordering HOME DNA TEST and collect your buccal (saliva) samples yourself at home. Don't worry, procedure is very simple and your sample will not get damaged during the transport back to us.


We are authorised DNA testing service provider in Uganda, offering a wide range of DNA paternity and family relationship, forensic DNA, legal and immigration DNA testing services. Please contact us on  0775509382 or send us a message for FREE consultation on all aspects of DNA testing.

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